Pretty Punks Hairdressers

At Pretty Punk you will not find the latest tabloid magazine or hair extensions but the guarantee of solid craftsmanship and a cozy atmosphere! To Stella and Jeppe, the cutting and coloring of hair is an art form – a craft worth nerding about and a design task which is about suitability for the individual person in question. 

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Creative Director/ Owner

Stella is an artistic person who is constantly on the hunt for the next new thing. Stella has more than 13 years of experience and has for the last 7 years been teaching the art of hair to thousand of hairstylists in Denmark. Stella has since she was a teenager traveled and lived around the world. “I’m inspired by art, films and music - and more than anything the streets of Copenhagen - oh yes and then my dreams.” To Stella doing hair is a sculptural task - a collaboration between client and artist as well as a process focused on the details.


Creative Director/ Owner

Jeppe is an ever smiling guy from Jutland with a generally offbeat approach to things. Jeppe has 12 years of experience as a hairstylist and has been teaching for Wella Professionals among others. “My inspiration comes mostly from the Britpop scene which can be boiled down to one simple quote by Paul Weller in the 1970s:”It’s all about music, attitude and great hair”! Beside Britpop I also have a small weakness for Italian cycle culture.”

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